iRiffPort™ on sale in Europe, Reviews, new Song Trainer!
iRiffPort on sale at Sweetwater, Amazon, and Thomann
POCKETLABWORKS is pleased to announce iRiffPort is now selling to 18 countries in Europe through Cyberstore Thomann.

iRiffPort provides the best guitar connection for iPad 2, iPad, iPhone 4, and iPod touch 4th generation. iRiffPort works with PocketAmp, PocketGK, GarageBand, and other Core Audio music apps.

iRiffPort includes connections for guitar, headphones, and audio line output with instant setup and clean wiring. A recessed 30-pin dock connector fits through protective cases supporting all device orientations. The certified Made for iOS design delivers pro audio performance immune from audio feedback and computer noise.
iRiffPort Reviews
The first reviews have arrived in English, German, and French.
notreble, iRiffPort "got things right by making it simple.... No connecting up a bunch of stuff, no boxes, no batteries... very high recommend".

Blog du mac, iRiffPort is a "Marvel to be used without moderation".

RocknRoll Reporter, "iRiffPort is the ideal solution for rock on the road", with a 5 out of 6 guitars rating!

PocketAmp and PocketGK Song Trainer with Slow Downer and Pitch Shift
The recent free updates to PocketAmp and PocketGK add a new Song Trainer to the built in iPod Music Player. Select your album artwork to activate the Song Trainer controls; including Mix, Pitch, Speed, and Loop.

Now you can slow down solos to practice and learn fast parts. Loop controls zero in on a particular riff. Use the Pitch control to play along with alternate tuned music without retuning your guitar.

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