iRiffPort™ Digital Audio Guitar Connection
for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch
iRiffPort Digital Audio Guitar Interface
iRiffPort provides the best electric guitar and bass connection to:
• iPad 2
• iPad 1
• iPhone 4
• iPod touch 4th generation

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Connect to all your apps!
iRiffPort works with PocketAmp, PocketGK, GarageBand, and other music apps for guitar.

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POCKETLABWORKS TRADE UP program offers a discount for customers who want to upgrade their iOS interface.

PocketAmp Guitar Amp and Effects App for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch
With PocketAmp®, dial in precision guitar amp tone and effects when playing through iRiffPort.
• iTunes music player with Speed and Pitch controls for your iTunes music
• Amp models; Clean, Blues, Rock, and Metal
• Cab simulations; Silverface, Tweed 1959, Classic 1960, and Metal Signature
• Stereo effects; echo, reverb, chorus/flange/rotary/tremolo
• Low latency with minimal delay

PocketGK Bass Guitar Amp App for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch
With PocketGK™, experience legendary bass guitar amp tone when playing through iRiffPort, as developed in partnership with Gallien-Krueger Corporation.
iTunes music player with Speed and Pitch controls for your iTunes music
Gate Induced Valve Effect (G.I.V.E.) sim for punch and growl
Intuitive four band active EQ, contour, and boost
Bi-amped 4x10 and 1x15 NEO cab simulations
Low latency with minimal delay

PocketAmp and PocketGK Song Trainer with Slow Downer and Pitch Shift

The PocketAmp/PocketGK Song Trainer provides Mix, Pitch, Speed, and Loop controls for your iTunes music.

Slow down solos to practice and learn fast guitar licks! Zero in on a particular riff using the Loop controls. With the Pitch control, play to alternate tunings without retuning your guitar!
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